At Al Hekma Medical Complex, we have highly skilled Paediatricians who specialise in the health of infants, children, adolescents and young adults, from birth up to the age of 18. Our paediatricians provide excellent medical care for ailing children and also plan health services for them. 

With the help of our paediatricians, your children can stay fit and healthy. 

Counselling on Vaccination of Children

Communication regarding vaccines and how to take them in proper intervals needs to be done properly. Al Hekma provides one of the best counselling services in Qatar to help increase your awareness about vaccination. We also schedule and provide vaccinations for developing children as required.

What is Paediatrics? 

The branch of medicine that deals with the health and medical care of infants, adolescents and young adults is called Paediatrics. The term “Paediatrics” is derived from the two Greek words, “pais” meaning child, and “iatros” meaning healer. This field of medical speciality is quite new compared to the others.

However, the experts in this field have made a positive impact on the medical community. Today, the paediatricians at Al Hekma Medical Complex are involved with reducing the mortality rate of children and controlling the spread of infectious diseases in children.

Some of our best paediatric services include – 

Children at age 0 – 15 years

Paediatricians at Al Hekma Medical Complex diagnose and treat several conditions among children between the ages of 0 to 15 years. 

  • Infant Care: Paediatricians make sure your baby is in the right health from his/her initial days. Proper attention to an infant is extremely necessary for the preservation of his/her health. Hence, you may need frequent visits in case your infant is sick.
  • Toddler Care: Proper care for a toddler is very important since these are your child’s formative years. Tracking your toddler’s weight and keeping a track of food and nutrition continually is also helpful.
  • Pre-teen/Teen Care: A chart of your growth and physical development is necessary for a teen’s health and fitness. Visiting your child’s paediatricians for two to three years until they are well into their teenage years is best for their overall health.

All Serious and On-going Illnesses:

To improve the health of the children and to cure them of diseases which might later affect them in their growth, Al Hekma Medical Complex provides you with high-quality in-patient care. Children with chronic health conditions might experience frequent pain, discomfort, abnormalities in growth and activity limitations. Paediatricians at Al Hekma Medical Complex will guide you with high-quality medical care to resolve these issues.

Child Checkups and Well-Child Visits 

Like adults, children also need proper guidance and medical checkups from specialists. A scheduled set of visits and assessments from infancy to adolescence is very important for tracking growth and development and preventing illness. Regular visits at Al Hekma will create a strong and trustworthy relationship between the paediatrician and your child. This will further improve their physical, mental and social health.

Why choose Al Hekma for your Child’s Health?

Al Hekma Medical Complex is easily accessible from all parts of Doha, Qatar. With highly-qualified paediatricians and modern technologies, Al Hekma Medical is committed to making your child’s health better and providing you with all kinds of paediatric safety measures. The goal at Al Hekma is to ensure your child’s happy and healthy future.