Diagnostics is an indispensable part of medical science. Without proper diagnostic tests, doctors can’t prepare an accurate diagnosis for your illness. At Al Hekma Medical Complex, we believe in the power of diagnostic radiology to investigate diseases inside the human body. 

Diagnostic Radiology is a medical discipline that uses medical imaging to diagnose diseases and guide their treatment. Inside the human body, several things can go wrong while being hidden. It is Diagnostic Radiology that helps solve these complex problems by revealing hidden internal issues.

Safe, Accurate and Reliable Diagnostic Imaging

At Al Hekma Medical Complex, you can safely rely on our cutting-edge diagnostic radiology equipment to deliver the most accurate results. Some of the advanced diagnostic radiology services available include Neuroimaging, Head-Neck Imaging, Abdomen-Pelvic, Chest, and Musculoskeletal Imaging with or without contrast study. 

  • Ultrasound – 2D 

This state of the art grayscale ultrasound and doppler imaging diagnostic test uses ultrasonic waves to form images of areas like your chest, abdomen, and lower back. 

  • X-ray

X-Ray is one of the most common diagnostic procedures available at medical facilities across Qatar. However, not all centres can provide you with a wide range of X-Ray services like Al Hekma Medical Complex. X-Ray tests are usually deployed by doctors for diagnostic purposes. These can include – 

  • General X-Ray – This is the most basic type of X-Ray. It is mostly used to capture images of internal organs like bones in your body. This X-Ray is most commonly used to detect fractures or any kind of physical trauma to the body’s skeletal system. 

Why choose Al Hekma Medical Complex

One of the unique offerings at Al Hekma Medical Complex is that we provide both accurate and trustworthy diagnostic reports. This is possible due to our commitment towards maintaining the quality of care provided by all our departments. Our medical centre is located in the Muaither area of Doha, Qatar – easily accessible from anywhere in the country.